Jun. 7th, 2013

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The circus was making good money. The crowds were flocking night after night, many coming back to see the show again before they left. Carlotta spent the afternoons adjusting the show; lengthening four-year-old Greta's singing act a little, to give her time for an encore.

"We ought to get more daytime entertainment." she ponders, out loud, though only Molly is listening. "Herbert gets a fair few people coming to listen to him."

Herbert was a travelling preacher, of no fixed abode, who Fred had asked permission to bring along as a favour. He took no part in the circus himself, but small crowds would often come in the afternoon to listen to him, and were then wandering around the circus.

"Maybe we should be getting fairground games." she adds. "No actually rigged ones, mind. The secret service are wanting to send us some more recruits for acrobatic training, so they could man the games for their cover story."

At the clatter of hooves, she rushes to the door and peers out. Will dismounts and comes over, giving her a kiss, and scooping up Molly.

"Hallo! Golly you're getting tanned." she says, kissing him back. "How's things?"

"Buck's doing well, only bolted three times this week." Will says, sitting down and bouncing Molly up and down. "And you?"

"Here." Carlotta throws him a bag of coins. "Would you mind doing a bank run when you get home? I feel nervous carrying so much cash."

Will peers into the bag.

"There must be twenty pounds in here!" he says, astonished.

"I know, wonderful isn't it?" Carlotta says. "That's just my wages, going on the agreed percentages, the rest we're reinvesting. I'm going to ask the council about getting some games in."

"I can build you some if you like." Will offers. "If you can get staff for them."

"That would be lovely. Don't make them too easy!" Carlotta says.


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