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It's a small village church, with a good crowd. A whole bunch of young women Carlotta's age - her friends from school - and some friends of Will's have gathered outside. The entire cast of the circus are outside except for the lady who will be playing the organ.

Carlotta's father and grandmother are waiting a little way away, with her uncle Michael and his family. Her father is pushing a wheelchair in which a man with a below knee amputation is sitting; those who have visited her world before may recognise him as Harris. Will's family are talking to Carlotta's family.

The bride and groom arrive on horse and cart, and Will opens the door for his bride with a big grin on his face. Carlotta's dress is white and simple, with a little gypsy flair; for the sake of her family, she hasn't come with her Ringmaster outfit on. After she descends, he steps back up to scoop up their daughter, who he passes to Carlotta's grandmother, and his nephew, Little William, who he passes to his sister Libby.

The vicar calls everyone in for the ceremony. As everyone enters, it becomes apparant that the arrangement for the wedding march has probably been taken from some sort of comedy sketch, as there's a lot of twiddly bits of music that probably shouldn't be there. Libby and Rita, the bridesmaids, follow behind Carlotta with flowers. Jack and Jacob, the twin page boys, are in new suits, but can't resist doing a carefully choreographed cartwheel act down the aisle. Finally behind them runs Rita's trained monkey, also dressed in a very tiny suit, who climbs up onto Rita's shoulder and holds the flowers in a very solemn manner.

And for that moment, everything is perfect. Carlotta smiles at her husband, and glances back into the church, where her two worlds have at last truly combined.

They exchange vows, and rings, again. No promise to obey, and for once, Will gets it; she is the Ringmaster, and if he doesn't give her space for that, she'll lose her cast. They kiss and hold one another close, and for that moment, everything is okay.

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Tommy keeps fidgeting in his suit and tugging at his shirt collar. The black sharkskin paired with a bold red tie makes him look like an emissary from the Hell's Kitchen faction of the Irish mafia, but it is a nice suit. And frankly he's a little relieved to see that it's not as ostentatious as it feels, given that he's just found himself in the middle of 1949, when people actually dressed like Frank Sinatra on a regular basis.

Anyway, he shouldn't complain when he has Kate on his arm. Plus she'd tweak his ear like a schoolmarm if he didn't sit still. But he's in a church, and as a lapsed Catholic, he could never sit still in churches for too long, unless he wanted to burst into flames.

At least Carlotta's crew is a fun bunch to watch as they walk down the aisle. This is probably the most unorthodox wedding he's ever been to, and that's saying something.

"Holy shit, they've got a goddamn monkey," he mutters under his breath in surprise -- then quickly raises his eyes to the rafters and whispers an apology to the Lord. Some habits die hard.

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If Tommy is Frank Sinatra, then Kate is Ava Gardner in all her glamour, wearing an elegant dress chosen to match the fancy hat Butch Cassidy gifted her.

She prods him with her elbow when he fidgets and mutters, reminding him that this is a solemn occasion and so help her god, Tommy, not to ruin it for Carlotta.

Of course, she laughs at his outburst. Of course. Because, goddammit, there is a monkey in a church. Wearing a monkeysuit. It's too much.

She covers her mouth with her hand, forcing her shoulders not to shake with snickers. And, if Tommy isn't quite mistaken, just under her breath he might hear an:

"I hate you."

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Given the height difference between Tommy and Kate, and given that Kate is trying to bodily stifle laughter while wearing a dress like that -- well, let's just say Tommy has shifted his attention well away from the monkey. Peripheral vision is the key. Still facing forward and standing with his hands demurely clasped in front of him, he leans over just a tad and mutters out of the corner of his mouth:

"Not as much as I love the view right now."

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She still has one free hand, Tommy.

It quickly finds its way up his suit jacket, so her access to his side is unhindered when she pinches him.

"I hope you're talkin' 'bout the lovely ceremony."

She tilts her head back to cast an eye on him, laughter still dancing in the blue. Her hand moves from her mouth just long enough to flash him a blood-red smirk.

"'Cuz it'd be a shame t'ask the vicar t'stay an' conduct a funeral."

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With a wincing cringe, Tommy has the presence of mind to not let out that yelp, but instead bites down on his bottom lip to keep it from escaping.

"Jeeeez..." he whines, rubbing the spot. He meets her smirk with a petulant look before turning back to watch the procession.

He's silent for a few sulky moments. And then:

"I wonder if the vicar encourages the laying on of hands."

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"Stop it."

She glances from side to side, a blush creeping into her cheeks.

Every throat that clears feels like a pointed glare, intended specifically for Tommy and Kate. She just barely brushes his arm with hers.

"Is that monkey starin' at us?"

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Tommy fake-coughs innocently. Because innocent fake-coughing obviously deflects accusatory glares and glances.

He squints at the monkey. Which he could swear squints back at him.

"Mind your own business, ya nosy little bastard."

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Kate keeps her eyes forward and her shoulders back.

"Few minutes in, an' you've already cussed three times, taken the Lord's name in vain, charmed yet another animal — though I wouldn't turn my back t'this one — an' stop starin' at my breasts."

Lord have mercy, they're the party guests nobody wants to invite because they show up in tatty denim and mistake the foie gras for pet food.

Then again, she did see folk doing cartwheels down the aisle.
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"I am not staring at your--"

His hiss is cut off by several people turning to glare at him, and he clamps his mouth shut.

The vicar bids the congregation to be seated. Tommy obediently sits with his hands folded in his lap. Quietly. And not fidgety.

Except for the parts where he runs his finger along the inside of his shirt collar and twitches his shoulders and tugs at the leg of his trousers and scratches his ankle and--

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Clearly, a different tack is in order.

Kate nimbly catches one of his hands and pulls it into her lap. The dress well covers her legs, but his fingers rest at the inside of her knee, while her other hand covers his knuckles. She runs her thumb against the back of his hand.

Distraction. Distraction is key.

After a moment or two, she tilts her head back to focus her blue-eyed stare on him. And she smiles.

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Well, that works.

A.D.D. hasn't been defined in Kate's world but she sure knows how to handle someone who has it.

He doesn't expect to get a smile, too. He returns it a little sheepishly, and turning what little focus he has back to the ceremony, he takes a deep breath.

Calmed (at least for now), he gently squeezes her knee, stroking it through the fabric of her dress.

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The tips of her ears turn red, though it's hard to see with the fancy crimp of her hair. Her smile warms, and as she lowers her gaze to turn her attention back to the ceremony, she spies his tie.

Her free hand reaches over, straightening the knot, smoothing it in place, and making sure it's comfortable around his neck. And then she goes back to cradling his hand, watching Will and Carlotta with pride in her eyes.

They're a good fit.

She knows it.

If the monkey continues to glare at them, well. She has the composure to pretend she doesn't notice.

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Teja is wearing a dark suit appropriate for the time, and has his hair cut short -- he still has magic potion that will restore it, afterwards.

He looks on at everything, quietly, from a corner.

He is there, at least, and will speak with Carlotta later.

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Demeter watches them, wearing a green dress that's of the era's style and shoes and smiles. She's so happy that Carlotta has found someone to stand beside her.


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